Music Producers Lodewijk Vos & Joseph Murray

Rookie Blue: The Interrogation Room

Work: Music & Sound Design
Client: Secret Location

Rookie Blue: The Interrogation Room is an interactive episode for the hit Global drama Rookie Blue, which follows the lives of five rookie cops. In a “choose your own adventure,” fans engage in solving an online-exclusive case of the mysterious disappearance of Natalie Swan. By making their own choices, they drive the characters to interact and reveal information in one of dozens of possible routes that lead to six different endings.

For the score, we created a textured drone that plays under the entire episode to create the mood and tension for the space. We also composed different pieces for each individual scene chosen by the viewer. This help create continuity throughout the episode while also helping to build the story throughout the scenes.

To hear the music and experience the online "choose your own adventure" episode for yourself click here!